“Bears on the Air” Radio

Radio Program


About the Program:

This air time that we are dedicating to bears is intended to raise awareness and prompt people to take proactive measures in supporting sound conservation efforts for wildlife. Living among large opportunistic carnivoran mammals must make us mindful and not fearful. Hopefully, with the help of our guests, we can convey more about how bears may perceive us. We also hope to share suggestions for developing a more vested interest in saving and managing the habitat needed for bears to survive for future generations in an increasingly crowded world.According to the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), bears are the most popular exhibit animals displayed in their accredited zoological parks (North America). These facilities are noted for their conservation, education, and research efforts, including cooperative breeding programs. This popularity of bears among zoo patrons is especially good news with respect to exposure and publicity for pressing conservation issues. Zoo outreach specialists, similar to park rangers working protected areas, need to take advantage of the opportunity to educate patrons of living institutions concerning the conservation status of bears.

Wildlife facilities from zoos, to sanctuaries are most poised to convey the threats facing the 8 extant (living) species of bears. Educators must raise awareness of the urgent need to protect wild habitat and wild bears. Educators, naturalists, and scientists alike, must encourage people to advocate on behalf of bear conservation. Support bears close to home and in far off places.

Learn about the plight of bears at http://www.bearbiology.com, the website of the International Association for Bear Research & Management (International Bear Association). This site is not affiliated with IBA, but we do, of course, endorse their programs.

Interview the people working with bears “behind-the-scenes, on-the-ground/ice, and in- the- trees.” Reach me at jcschaul@aol.com or if you have professional news about bears, contact me at ibanews@bearbiology.com.
Confirmed Guests (schedules pending):
Ben Kilham, (Author of  Man of Among Bears http://www.amazon.com/Among-Bears-Raising-Orphaned-Cubs/dp/0805073000; Featured in National Geographic); I have spent time in the field with Ben in New Hampshire where he has successfully reintroduced generations of orphaned bears into the wild and continues to track them.
Jackson Zee
, (Animal Welfarist, Member of the IUCN (WCN) Bear Specialist Group, and fellow advisor to the AZA Bear Taxon Advisory Group)
Siew Te Wong
, (PhD Candidate and one of the few to have studied the elusive sun bear). He recently opened the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center and currently shares his time between Montana and Maylasia.
Richard Harris
, (Acclaimed marine conservationist & author of On Thin Ice, The Changing World of the Polar Bear http://richardellis.info/On_thin_ice.html) Richard has also contributed to my Zoo Peeps Blog in commenting on his last  interview at the American Museum of Natural History (NYC)